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Were old days really better days?

At dawn with an expert. Sonia Di Pietro has returned to do her thing, converting our AW 2012/2013 windows into ateliers of fashion and art from the 50’s.

She recovers the craftsmanship from the old days to create elegant and clean entrance displays. “As they were before. Globalization has eliminated authenticity. Today we find the same in all parts of the world”.

Without hesitating, Sonia has returned to Paris from Giacometti, Doisneau and Irving Penn; she has snuck into the Dior atelier to see him work with his ​​seamstresses, the Fontana sisters; and she has recovered the old busts and thrown out the modern mannequins that crowd our streets.

The result? Unique and nostalgic storefronts filled with satin, pleats and brass which seem to raise their voices to shout: The old days were better days!

Christian Dior

Christian Dior

By Irving Penn


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