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360º by Lola Garrido

Look, look closely to see places other people don’t. Look at the world with binoculars and move them 360º is an absolute way of looking. Look to be able to tell about it.
We’ll take the wide-angle lens of the artists’ gaze. We’ll focus onto the cities, inside houses, on the architecture, on these almost secret places, and move from the luxury of the essential to the luxury of the exquisite. The accent will be marked by the word « modern ».

We will start with the great masters of photography, creators of unforgettable easthetics. We’ll see the art world and its latest proposals; the collectors, the auctions, all these places in which fairs and vanity are mixed. Theses places, that are more than just a club. During this visual trip around the 360º of taste from the XXth and XXIst centuries, we’ll talk about the women and men who changed the world of fashion and design. We’ll see how they managed to change general taste, what roles were given to photographers and designers, or how the latter made several models into beauty icons.

We will talk about vanguards and contemporary architecture. We will look for exceptional places where to rest and into houses inhabited by taste, exclusivity and privacy. This blog will show places related to art, avant-garde design and author architecture.

We will search for the ones who try to be different and are distinguished for it. We will talk about the ones who succeeded because in form and appearance, being different and being distinguished, are not at all synonyms. Being distinguished is being a refined person, with complex  and stimulating taste. They’re out of time and close to snobbery. They measure with a dropper the appropriate level of elegance of every event, their conversation is slow and educated. They never say no since they’d rather say « tomorrow ». There will be a place for these great women who, with their lifestyle, enlighted our time like a flash.

We will talk about luxury in a time when it is a variable measured by style, never by price, and we will leave a space for the greater luxury: time. In this blog we will be chasing after moments of sophistaction, exquisit contexts, simplicity and complexity gathered together with the art of living like a unique character. We know that the look of the observer usually gets a higher level of fascination when contemplating a curiosity than when possessing something. However, nobody denies the fact that the privilege of giving oneself a few exclusive treats provides with great and unforgettable satisfaction.

Knowing how to look, is knowing how to see, and searching is finding.
360º is the ideal angle to get a panoramic view of the factories of taste. A showroom opens to stock all the differences in photography, art, music, cinema and the latest news in TV shows. This space won’t be a series of publications about trends and fashion. It is an album which will mix current time and vintage.

Of course fashion photography will be an important topic, since fashion photography is trendy, as great collections and auction records show us. It will be a blog to forget about the every-day routine, a place to dream with your eyes opened and create fantasies, even when it’s the only thing we have. We will look towards the future, and we will be in the present without forgetting to look in the rear-view mirror.

To put it briefly, our leitmotiv is characteristic of Argentinian writer and Nobel Prize Jorge Luis Borges: « Say astonishment instead of habit ».



  1. / 12 May 2011

    Enhorabuena por tanta actividad…y tan fantástica!

  2. Inma / 17 July 2011

    Me encantan la parte en la que dices que el lujo se mide por el estilo y nunca por el precio, y sobre todo -en lo que estoy totalmente de acuerdo-, el verdadero lujo es el tiempo.

    Gracias por invitarnos a “mirar” contigo el mundo en 360º.

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