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And the winner is… Santa Eulalia!

Last Friday, February 25th, Barcelona City Council unanimously approved to grant the Gold Medal for Civil Merit to the fashion store Santa Eulalia for its “contribution to the good image and prestige of the trade and contributing to Barcelona’s good image”.

If we make a brief journey through the history of the company starting 168 years ago, we see how Santa Eulalia has always been closely connected to Barcelona and the image of the city abroad.

Mr. Domènech Taberner Prims opened Santa Eulalia in 1843 in the pla de la Boqueria. This first store marked the face of Les Rambles for about a century until the renowned fashion store moved to Paseo de Gracia.

There was a constant struggle to grow year after year and keep being the most up to date fashion store. So in 1956 Santa Eulalia decided to present their own dresses at the International Haute Couture Fashion Expo in Venice. At that time, the third generation of the family was already part of the Santa Eulalia team lead by Mr. Llorenç Sans Roig. The entrepreneurial nature of the large family that had gradually been forming itself resulted 1963 in a decision to present their haute couture collections in New York and then open a new store on the prestigious street Calle Pau Casals in Barcelona. The fourth generation didn’t enter until 1988 when the current president of Santa Eulalia, Mr. Lluís Sans, took the reins of the company. Looking back we see a great entrepreneurial spirit, a close relationship with Catalan commerce and international influence.
The awards ceremony will shortly take place in the Barcelona City Council. We will keep you posted!


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