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Brunello Cucinelli

Headquartered in Burgo de Solomeo (Perugia, Italy), in the textile region of Umbria, Brunello Cucinelli is considered one of the best cashmere manufacturers along with other firms like Cruciani and Loro Piana. For over 20 years, tradition and high technology have been living in perfect harmony.

This summer, the Brunello Cucinelli collection is based on a medium gray colour mixed with plum, a new and trendy proposal. They go for coloured shirts with white collar and pique polo shirts which also play with the effect of white collar in contrast to the rest of the garment. The polo shirts with an incorporated false sleeveless sweater are also interesting. The silhouette is completed with trousers or shorts with cargo pockets and an informal cut that give the right sporty look.


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