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Moda tendencias y estilo en Barcelona – Blog Santa Eulalia

Fashion hits | Blog Santa Eulalia

Fashion hits

The men’s wear section of Santa Eulalia is starting with the winter acquisitions to show you that next…

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Grounge style | Blog Santa Eulalia

Grounge style

At Santa Eulalia we just got in a pair of sneakers and another pair of slippers that will…

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Trendy Shoes in Santa Eulalia Barcelona - Do you dare? | Blog Santa Eulalia

Trendy Shoes in Santa Eulalia Barcelona – Do you dare?

Trendy shoes with Alber Elbaz and Christian Loubountin
I don’t know if Alber Elbaz and Christian Louboutin make…

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Let's go Rock! | Blog Santa Eulalia

Let’s go Rock!

To us it is clear now: Studs are in. Of all sizes and in all versions: In clutch…

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Bold men | Blog Santa Eulalia

Bold men

Some people are not afraid of anything. Or almost anything. The latest and most daring news at Santa Eulalia aim to surprise and grab everyone’s attention! 

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Louboutins for him | Blog Santa Eulalia

Louboutins for him

To this day, the red sole stiletto fever has affected women only. It was an exclusive club for…

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