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The perfect jacket | Blog Santa Eulalia

The perfect jacket

A sports jacket is one of those items that form an essential part of any male wardrobe thanks…

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Democratization of the jersey | Blog Santa Eulalia

Democratization of the jersey

We never ask ourselves where our everyday garments come from. You know, the garments without which our lives…

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An extravagant accessory | Blog Santa Eulalia

An extravagant accessory

They used to be so useful and now they are eccentric. Hats that protected us from the cold…

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Escape to the mountains | Blog Santa Eulalia

Escape to the mountains

Leather is trendy, and not only in handbags and trousers, but also backpacks and comfortable and sophisticated down…

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The most fashionable sneakers | Blog Santa Eulalia

The most fashionable sneakers

Next season, sneakers have come to stay. Lanvin presents a most daring proposal: multicoloured snake print sneakers,

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A future trend | Blog Santa Eulalia

A future trend

Next winter you should wrap up in the coming hits that are already hanging from the racks of…

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