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(Español) El color de las princesas | Blog Santa Eulalia

(Español) El color de las princesas

The princess colour
Bubblegum pink is here to stay. At least if you have to believe Mulberry and…

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Invest wisely | Blog Santa Eulalia

Invest wisely

Imagine a shopping afternoon in the spring, or a lunch with friends in the cafe of Santa Eulalia.…

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Baby pink | Blog Santa Eulalia

Baby pink

There are some colours that like an adventure and daringly escape from their “natural habitat” to see the…

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Less is more | Blog Santa Eulalia

Less is more

You’ll think the same as us when you see mini versions of Céline, Mulberry and Balenciaga.

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(Español) Versión mini | Blog Santa Eulalia

(Español) Versión mini

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All in camel | Blog Santa Eulalia

All in camel

It’s one of the coming colours this season. But it’s not its first appearance. Camel has become a…

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