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The New Goth has come to stay | Blog Santa Eulalia

The New Goth has come to stay

As a trend, the Goth style is known for its dark clothes worn with a mysterious air

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The new it bags | Blog Santa Eulalia

The new it bags

Every time the new collections arrive, those of us who adore bags get butterflies in our stomachs just…

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Three is not a crowd | Blog Santa Eulalia

Three is not a crowd

The son of a carpenter and a housewife, as a schoolboy Christian Louboutin secretly made drawings of shoes,…

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The essentials | Blog Santa Eulalia

The essentials

Each season gives us new trends and with them, the must haves that should be in your wardrobe…

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Must have SS2013 | Blog Santa Eulalia

Must have SS2013

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All in camel | Blog Santa Eulalia

All in camel

It’s one of the coming colours this season. But it’s not its first appearance. Camel has become a…

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