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5 star breakfast

It is 11 am when Luis Sans comes to the terrace of the Hotel Miramar for breakfast. “A green tea, please.”

Opposite him, just arrived from Madrid, Alina orders the same. This novel designer, who studied at IED, is eager to exchange views with one of the most important fashion entrepreneurs of our country. Inspired by Luxe, the blog of the luxury hotel division Husa Group, was to blame for this meeting.

After the introductions a relaxed and curious conversation starts about design, creativity and the desire to work.

On Luis Sans’ shoulders weighs (proudly) the experience of a fashion house with 170 years of history. “The beauty of fashion is to evolve, make way, not reaching the destination.” A story full of challenges, good times and some not so good in contrast to the budding career of Alina.

After being accepted at the Domus Academy in Milan, Alina has more desire than ever to go her own way. “If I have to work ten hours a day, I will.” With a dozen sketches, Alina presents her work for Luis and tells him that she left medicine to devote herself, body and soul, to designing. “My true vocation.”

Hence her drawings of garments inspired by animal and human anatomy. Luis likes her designs and advises her to compete in quality and ingenuity, not price. “With the new store, Santa Eulalia has made a special and unique proposal. Our biggest asset? Offering the best of fashion with impeccable customer service.”

Two hours and two orange juices later Luis must return to the office and Alina to Madrid. “Just one more picture, please,” Natalia asks who is the Husa Group Community Manager. They pose and smile at the camera.

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