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An extravagant accessory

They used to be so useful and now they are eccentric. Hats that protected us from the cold have now become an “extravagant” accessory in our closet; awakening a curious excitement on the streets, they are quite a rare sight.

We love this versatile accessory, and therefore, we present some of our newest releases:

We don’t know if Lucas Ossendrijver, head of the male line at Lanvin, has a hidden passion for riding, but he has certainly made his equestrian inspiration clear in some of the winter designs, like this navy blue felt hat. It’s the dernier cri.

So are the berets (worn a bit on the side), and if you get the bicoloured one in hounds tooth pattern like this one from Muhlbauer, better!

For the more cold-sensitive (and daring) we propose this cashmere and groundhog hat by Loro Piana. Do you dare?

Gorro esquimal Loro Piana

Gorra Lanvin

Boina Muhlbauer


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