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Vivier style

In the mid 1950s Roger Vivier launched what would be his most iconic shoe: the heel “Virgule” (or “comma”). The name says it all. Vivier saw shoes as sculptures and that’s why he never stopped questioning the shapes. “The lines have always impressed me. Sometimes I repeat the same drawing fifty times to be sure that I have found the right idea as well as respecting the architecture of the foot” he once confessed. A genius that has created fashion history.

Santa Eulalia recovers the “comma heel ” in a contemporary version of the famous design and incorporates our latest news from the Prismick collection by Maison; fruit of the current creative director Bruno Frisoni’s passion for art and architecture and the artisan collages Vivier made between 1980 and 1990. The result? Accessories with geometric lines that thanks to the overlapping leather, suede and satin create a 3D effect.

We haven’t forgotten Roger Vivier‘s strong commitment this season for the colour garnet in bags and flats, making it the key Autumn Star. We love it.

El tacón “Virgule”

The heel “Virgule”


Colección Prismick de Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier Prismick collection


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