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John Lobb

John Lobb has been and is the craftsman of custom made men’s shoes par excellence. The story of its founder, a Cornwall farmer, never ceases to amaze us. In the late nineteenth century he came to London and quickly became one of the most famous shoemakers in the city. The Prince of Wales and later Edward VIII both relied on his savoir faire. Since then, he has gained international fame and dressed the feet of businessmen, politicians, kings, princes, maharajas, aristocrats and even people of the seventh art such as Hitchcock.

The brand, belonging to the Hermès Group, still today remains synonymous with elegance and quality. Its headquarters, located at 9 St James Street in London, has been described as “the most beautiful store in the world” by Esquire magazine.



  1. JMLG / 18 March 2014

    Solo una puntualización: la tienda de St James no tiene nada q ver con el grupo Hermes. Hermes efectivamente compró John Lobb pero John Lobb de St. James quedó fuera del trato. De hecho la familia Lobb sigue trabajando solo desde St. James haciendo solo zapatos a medida mientras que el resto de las tiendas de Lobb repartidas por medio mundo son propiedad de Hermes y en ellas se hacen tanto zapatos a medida como RTW.

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