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Democratization of the jersey

We never ask ourselves where our everyday garments come from. You know, the garments without which our lives would be a little more complicated.

Like the jersey, which dates back to the fifteenth century when there was already a tradition of knitwear in the Channel Islands. But it wasn’t until a century later that these territories of the British Crown were given permission to import wool from the United Kingdom in exchange for providing royalty with knitwear although at that time it was unthinkable to imagine a ‘blue blood’ wearing a jersey. It was the garment of the workers.

From then until now, the role of the jersey has not changed. It always protects us from the cold, but the design and manufacturing process has evolved a lot. Here are great three examples of the needle and thimble: Lanvin, Brunello Cucinelli and Cruciani. Which do you prefer?

Jersey de CRUCIANI




Jersey de LANVIN



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