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The imperishable trend

We go back in time to 1853, when a merchant named Levi Strauss decided to make clothing for miners with the resistant brown canvas of the tents. But it was the Genoese that coloured the fabric of this innovative garment with blue pigment. And so the denim was born.

In 1950, jeans invaded the closet of young Americans like a subtle form of protest against the conformism of the time.

Today jeans have become the hit of all the fashion houses, reinvented season after season without losing their essence.

In Santa Eulalia we also bet on denim thanks to leading labels such as Seafarer, Citizen of Humanity and BLK DNM. Skinny or flared, you decide.



Jeans Seafarer

Seafarer Jeans

Jeans Citizen of Humanity

Citizen of Humanity Jeans


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