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Loro Piana

Founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana, the Italian brand Loro Piana is known worldwide for the quality of its fabrics and the high comfort of the garments. For the last six generations the brand has created Siberian delights for half of the world. Precious fabrics such as baby cashmere and vicuña are present in the collections each year. The firm reached an agreement with the government of Peru to protect the vicuña which is an endangered species.

For this summer Loro Piana bet on very light suede jackets in beige and nude colours. They also propose sport waistcoats in clear shades such as white, lined with contrasting colours. The shirts have classic patterns such as the Kodak stripes and the always with a button at the neck. Most of the shirts are made of linen just as the scarves. A perfect combination to get that relaxed look that is that is trendy now.


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