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“Jeans will always be the canvas to creating every woman’s wardrobe”

Jeff Rudes, founder and CEO of J Brand, has thirty years of experience in the jean industry. Created in 2004, J Brand, has become worldwide known for its classic and sophisticated cut and for having the perfect fit.

Rudes has raised denim to the luxury category doing collaborations with designers like Proenza Schouler or Christopher Kane.

How and why is J Brand born?

Denim is a fabric that I have always loved.  Being in the business for thirty years, I really understood the denim market. We had the idea of creating a product that was very sophisticated – a minimalist, clean jean that really spoke to the chic woman from a fashion point of view.

Your jeans have become famous for having ‘the perfect fit’. What makes them different from other jeans?

We’ve created a point of view around the brand which looks at jeans through a fashion lens.  There are so many things we have to consider when creating a jean but top of the list would be: innovative fabric, attention to detail and that perfect fit.

Could you please give me three adjectives that define your customers?

Confident, effortless and understated.

Nowadays jeans have become a fundamental piece at every woman’s wardrobe. Do think they will be in the future?

Jeans will always be the canvas to creating her wardrobe.  There is something so easy about putting on a pair of jeans knowing they will make you look beautiful and feel confident.  That will never go away.

Last year you introduced your first Ready-to-Wear collection. Has it had a warm welcome?

The response to our RTW collection has been incredibly positive. We always wanted to create a wardrobe for our J Brand woman.  She has responded very positively to that same ideology of the jean – an effortless, understated approach to fashion.

You have been more than thirty years in the denim industry. Has the industry changed over those years?

Firstly, the advancement of denim fabric and wash technology has vastly changed.  Another change is due to the fact that jeans have evolved to become the base of every woman’s wardrobe for day and night – they have been approached in a more modern, contemporary way through a fashion lens.

Which are the main themes for this fall-winter?

Our focuses continue to be innovation around denim and wash development, and we continue to create newness on fit around our high-rise skinny, our skinny-slouch and our ace boyfit.

Why did you choose our boutique Santa Eulalia for your pop up?

Partnering with Santa Eulalia, a leading luxury retailer in Spain, is an exciting collaboration and the perfect place for our first pop up in Barcelona.  We look forward to a very successful relationship.

Jeff Rudes

Jeff Rudes


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