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The scents of your life

They leave our mark wherever we were. They talk about us; and help us to not forget those who embraced us. They are called perfumes. Santa Eulalia rolls out its red carpet to welcome Byredo artisan fragrances from Stockholm, a renowned brand in the selective perfume market.

Each Byredo bottle contains a reminder of the life of Ben Gorham, founder and Creative Director of the house, who is committed to combining the old and new in the same aroma.”I want to communicate my personal experience through what I do”.

Ben Gorham

His latest creation is called the Seven Veils: An oriental and spicy composition built around the warmth of the vanilla flower and Indian sandalwood. Other intoxicating fragrances from Byredo are: Mr. Marvelous, M/Mink, Palermo, La TulipeBaudelaire y Blanche… Which is yours?


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