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“Beauty is anything that excites me”

We all know her. Nieves Álvarez is one of the Spanish top models with more international experience. Valentino, Christian Dior, Hermés, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta are just a few of the greats who have rendered at her feet. Lacroix and Yves Saint Laurent also want her when showing off their haute couture gowns.

Her CV includes the best world’s fashion capitals, the name of her husband Marco Severini, and their three children: Adrian, Bianca and Brando. But Nieves always has time for more: She has designed her own collection of children’s clothing “N + V”; she collaborates with TELVA magazine every month and helps all that she can at the Foundation Carmen Valcarcel. Bravissimo!


Nieves Álvarez, by Marco Severini

Mother of three wonderful children, model and now children’s fashion designer. What is the secret to successfully coordinate everything?

My priority is my family but I love my work as a model and I’m still enjoying it a lot. Children’s clothing is my new project; I like it and I learn a lot. Sometimes it’s a lot of work… but in the end it brings me great personal satisfaction!

Are you planning to do a collection for women in the near future?

No, right now I am fully devoted to the world of children and I have no plans to design women’s clothes.

What is elegance for you in a woman and a man?

For me, in both cases, elegance is the way you move, walk, talk and behave. A suit does not make you elegant, it helps but it is you who gives life to clothing and convey elegance.

Which is your favourite day-to-day garment? And at night?

I’m usually casual during the day and I love jeans. At night a smoking!!

New York, London, Milan, Paris. Give us an adjective for each city.

New York… vibrant. Paris, chic. Milan…. I never liked Milan!

Who’s your favourite designer? And who do you like most working with?

My favourite designer is giambattista Valli and the one I liked most working with is Yves Saint Laurent.

You are one of the world’s top models, and rightly so. Who do you think will be the new faces in the future of fashion?

Today’s models have more transient careers and they are not as recognized… previously beauties were all different in origin and each one had a particular beauty. However, I have seen some Spanish girls who surely will have a great career.

What is beauty in your opinion?

For me beauty is anything that excites me, that makes me feel good!

Photo: Marco Severini


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