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“I want to learn Japanese and dance Sevillanas”

Welcome to the world of Sonia, a Milanese interior architect by profession and window dresser by vocation. She tells me how much she enjoyed working for Prada, Miu Miu, Marni and Cos, over a cup of cappuccino and hot chocolate in the kitchen of her home. Now she is doing an excellent work with our window displays and is also involved in a project with the Ailanto brothers that she unfortunately can’t reveal anything about yet. Secrets of an artist!

Why does a Milanese fashion expert live in Barcelona?

I fell in love with Barcelona the first time I saw the city. It was love at first sight! I have lived in many European cities, but Barcelona is the only one that has managed to steal my heart thanks to its modernist architecture, its Mediterranean light and the sea.

How did you start working with fashion?

I started working in architecture firms doing interior design and I still do this because I love it. When I separated from my husband who owned the firm where I worked, I started working for Prada / Miu Miu as a window dresser where I spent some years of intense learning and constant trips to Europe.

Why are you a window dresser?

More than a window dresser, I consider myself a “set designer”. I design spaces.

When a client comes to you, is it common that they give you carte blanche?

I usually work quite freely, but I always have the image of the brand in mind. I always prepare two proposals for all my clients. In the end, they are the ones who decide.

How do you approach a project?

I am inspired by movies; I grew up with the films of Antonioni and Truffaut. But I’m also inspired by modern painting and photography. These sources of inspiration give me an initial idea which I then put down on paper. Then, I begin to design the project.

What are the spaces you create like?

Sometimes I design very minimal windows, super cool. And other spaces I make richer. It all depends on the season, the type of store and the product…

Minimalism or baroque?


Which artists do you admire?

Louise Bourgeois, Peter Lemebel and Saul Steinberg.

The favourite place in your home?

My room. It is full of books and magazines! That’s where find inspiration and draw the first sketches for my projects.

Decoration or fashion?

I’m more drawn to decoration and architecture, although I’ve always loved fabrics.

Which is your favourite designer?

Miuccia Prada, and other unknown Mexican and Argentine designers.

The jewel of your closet?

I have two: a black velvet coat from YSL and a pair of Miu Miu heels that I bought fifteen years ago.

Define your style…

Refined, minimalist, somewhat masculine and sober.

Your next challenge?

Learn Japanese and dance Sevillanas.

A dream fulfilled?

Living in Barcelona.

A dream yet to be fulfilled?

Working as a stylist at a fashion magazine.





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