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“My essential? A pair of Oxford Balmoral shoes”

Wallpaper taught him that it was a magazine of fashion and lifestyle, because of him and many other publications premium, the Catalan engineer decided to launch her own fashion blog and life style: Gentleman & Cavaliere. “The name I decided on a flight to Paris, when I read that Tom Ford today described the gentleman as a cross between the classic and elegant English gentleman, bold and trendy Italian cavaliere.” John is well. Word of blogger.

How did Gentleman and Cavaliere?

I lived surrounded by magazines and newspapers all my life because my parents work in the publishing world. As a child I spent hours looking for photographs of curious objects, characters that I was fascinated by his style and his gestures, places charismatic …

These magazines and my concerns to discover future trends, led me to create the blog.

What has to be something or someone to go in it?

All or nothing, just to get drunk.

What inspires you to write about so much?

When something you do not seduce you put it, it just happens. The contents of the blog feel the same, always pay attention to detail and people everywhere I go, and suddenly, it happens.

Who is the star of your wardrobe?

I am not satisfied with one. The Protas of my closet are pieces that I buy when I escape to Paris or Milan. I dig the store Colette, Excelsior, Eclaurier and Santa Eulalia in Barcelona. I have also unique and timeless pieces that she rescued from markets abroad.

Your essential?

A white shirt, a perfect black leather, a suit, a couple of Balmoral Oxford and a Wingtip Blutcher of Church, a pair of white Converse and dark jeans.

Something you would never wear?

All that makes me feel uncomfortable or disguised. Never lose my identity to be fashionable.

What historical figure in the world of fashion I would have liked to be?

Rather than being, I would have enjoyed meeting so many! For the Dukes of Windsor, Lady Cunard, Alexis de Rede, Porfirio Rubirosa, Lady Mendl, Elsa Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Diana Vreeland, Horst …

What’s more relaxed?

Tea in Morocco with Yves Saint Laurent.

Define your style in three adjectives.

Something that is defined by three adjectives is boring, and I never can set a style without any dichotomy. Anyone can have a day or corseted Baroque, but you can not miss is self-confidence and a dose of daring. In a few classic lines, we must break with the concept of forever.

What fashionista admire?

Anyone who has something to say, either visually, speaking or writing.

And who do you hate?

Those who only pose.

What is fashion?

It’s something that you breathe every day of your life. It’s a lifestyle and freedom of expression.

What do you dream?

I want to continue creating and a top-floor in Paris with industrial decoration.



  1. Nuria Arfa / 3 September 2012

    Quieres industrial? Toma industrial!

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