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“There´s no problem”

The fact is that once I had the gift, my ordeal was not even close to be over. The birthday was not until several days later and for several reasons I was not able to pick it up until the day of the birthday. So now what?After thinking a lot about it, I decided to ask if they could keep the gift for a few days and deliver it at the Hotel Casa Fuster a particular day so that the hotel staff could place it in our room before we arrived. Like this the gift would be wrapped in a bigger surprise. “Yes, of course. No problem.” was the answer.

“Yes, of course. No problem.” is a phrase that you don’t hear very often nowadays and to me these words honestly opened the gates of heaven when they came out from the mouth of Simone without hesitation. The Santa Eulalia team is a machine that works with precision and not a single detail escapes them. Days later the same Simone went to the hotel, which had already been notified that they would receive a package up to a room, and he turned what was initially an obstacle course into a simple walk.

So believe me when I say the first thing that comes to mind is that with them nothing is impossible and everything can be done without blurring the smile. Months later, when I was offered to work with their blog I said, “Sure. No problem. I’ll just tell my story”.

By Xavi Rebes. (If you want to know how Xavi´s story started, continue reading at XaviWorld).



  1. Campoamor / 13 February 2012


  2. Sergio / 21 March 2012

    Estupendos los tres, los dos caballeros y el regalo.

  3. Andre / 28 June 2012

    Me emociona que te tomes el tipemo de responder, muchas gracias Ademas ahora creo comprender el amor de una manera mejor porque de verdad que para nosotras las mujeres amar es generalmente sentir sin pensar ni hacer Pero cuando no hay un hombre cerca y una esta sola que se puede hacer para amar? Ejercicio? Muchas gracias de nuevo por responder, y disculpas si te distraigo con mi pregunta de tu exigente rutina. Un abrazo muy especial

  4. Sandra Miralles / 7 October 2012

    Que bonic, m’agrada molt com escrius Xavi!!! Santa Eulalia es la milllor botiga de Barcelona des de que la meva avia ja hi anava a visitarla.


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