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Sandra Dominguez interviews jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez

We dive into the world of the artist Delfina Delettrez and her surreal and bold designs. Learn how and why this young designer lives of and for breaking conventions.

As a member of a well-known family, in your work, what have you taken from your legacy and in what ways have you moved away from it?
I’ve learned from them the importance of creativity and to have my own personal style. But I wanted to build something that was totally mine without any help from the legacy I have with Fendi. Design has always been in my family’s blood.

Your creations reflect a very distinct style. In what way does your jewellery reflect your personality?
I’m reserved but very ironic. Irony has a great influence in my life every day. I want to make pieces that have a shocking aspect , with their shapes, their movement and sometimes even with their sexual references. I’m shy but not when its about playing with my style: it’s my way to express my intimate world. I began to create jewelry cause I needed something different. I like statements jewelry I call them ‘ice breaker’ jewelry, or conversation pieces. Can you imagine how fun can be go to a formal dinner with a golden snail walking on your shoulder?

Your collections show real attention to detail. What inspires you when you when making your jewellery?
My creations are part of my life, of my dreams, my fears, emotions experience throughout life. There are singular and precise stores behind each creation. I materialize what I see, what I love. The importance of details, of craftsmanship and of the great quality of products made in Italy – in Rome, in my case. I love the traditional techniques.

You incorporate materials from gold and diamonds to black marble and resin. What is your perfect match?
I look at everything with interest, anything can become a fantastic piece mixed with a beautiful stone. I’m interested in finding unconventional materials non common in jewelry like olive tree wood or marble and mixing them with classic materials such as silver and gold. I love to experiment, I love contrasts on color, materials and shape blocks. I’m not afraid of switching up everything or turning around or going from one thing to another… I’m more attracted by the uniqueness of each piece. No limits in experimentation!

You started out in the Chanel style department and soon decided to go on an individual venture into jewellery. Do you have any plans to make a collection of clothes in the near future?
I’m young and so happy about what I created so far. I have so many things to learn and experiment in jewellery… And I want my focus now is on this art. But for sure I’m open to any challenges.

Is there a fashion brand which you take a particular liking to?
Marco De Vincenzo, Givenchy, Fendi of course, and I love the last Raf Simons surreal collection

You´re a very young artist. What do you think of new media platforms such as blogs and Facebook?
Of course I am an artist of my generation so I’ve got an eye on the future. But mine is a small company which cannot invest in traditional advertising. Therefore I personal promote my jewellery directly using the internet, blogs, facebook, instagram, but also by creating good relations with my retailers by creating special projects, unique collections or installations in their stores. So yes I’ve got an eye on the future but at the same time I learn from strategies of the past.

What do you like most about your job? And is there anything you hate?
I wanted to create something that was mine in order to have the total creative freedom. I can say that it started as a game, a curiosity I wanted to redimention the idea of jewelry I had in my head, I always thought it was such a traditional art difficult to twist and to play and have fun with. I was totally wrong! Sometimes you can’t wait to see a piece realized or sometimes an idea comes to you too late that you have no time to incorporate it in the collection you areworking on, since there is no way to change the time of metal.

Do you have any wishes for the future?
I have a great project! But I’m too superstitious to reveal it!

Delfina Delettrez


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