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Santa Eulalia / Bronce Laus

We are celebrating! Our website has been awarded a bronze Laus award in the category of corporate websites.

Every year, the prestigious Laus awards collect the best ideas in design and communication in our country and this year it celebrated its 42nd edition. The ceremony took place in the Theatre of the CCCB and was led by the hilarious comedian Berto Romero.

Esiete, the creative studio responsible for the art direction and design of our online communication since 2007, says through its director Javier Pereda “We got the award thanks to our exceptional team to which Anna Solsona and I belong”.

JP “We want to share this award with a team of professionals like Mario Eskenazi, author of the visual identity of Santa Eulalia, photographers Alvaro Bujons, Mauricio Salinas and Gregori Civera, the Santa Eulalia team of stylists, Editor Patricia Sañes and the programmers at Digital Seed”.

JP “The project represents the spirit of innovation and the commitment to the clients that has been passed down through history and that Santa Eulalia still today transmits. The online communication is only a reflection of its values, its transparency, elegance and attentive way to work”.

The Esiete team has also been awarded two gold Laus. One in the category of Best Logo 2012 and another for Best online media communication with the magazine, whose presentation act EXTRA! EXTRA! received another Laus bronze. Not bad!


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