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The Katharine Hepburn glamour is back

And it comes to Santa Eulalia through our window dresser Sonia di Pietro. Thanks to her, this week we display the summer outfits inspired by the movie Summertime, starring Katharine Hepburn.

By the grace of our favourite actress, the straw hats return to our windows “because straw is timeless” dixit di Pietro who together with us wanted to pay tribute to these wide-brimmed sun hats that used to be hand made by Provencal craftsmen.

Straw fills our summer windows to return the flavour of summer houses with straw mats, white walls, wicker furniture and lots of light.

Today we continue to dream with Sonia and Katharine at Santa Eulalia.



  1. Silvia / 11 February 2013

    Los escaparates de Santa Eulalia siempre nos hacen soñar…

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