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William Sofield checks up on the good progress of the building work

A few months before the opening of the new Santa Eulalia, American architect William Sofield has returned to visit the shop on Passeig de Gracia 93 to with his own eyes follow the rapid pace of the progress of the renovation work.

A very important element in maintaining the tradition of Santa Eulalia is the restoration of some of the original furniture in the store such as the stairs that are in the hands of expert cabinetmakers from Spain and Italy.

Sofield is also creating a unique line of furniture for the new store. It is a collection with a vintage touch created with those special skills of this architect, highly valued by the big names in the fashion world. Skills that, on the other hand, were reinforced after spending three years as an apprentice with an old Italian carpenter with whom he absorbed the magic of the craft.

This collection of furniture is in tune with the sensibility that the new shop seeks to convey, a shop where vintage will be the protagonist but always combined with a future vision. Behind this new concept is the philosophy of William Sofield and he summarizes his philosophy as: “Most of my work is like a craft, where it is important to know how to treat the materials and how they combine together”.

A new concept of Santa Eulalia is growing day by day. A new concept that does not stop surprising us, since as Sofield himself says “things must be a little more than what people assume they are.”



  1. Lluís Toda / 2 February 2011

    Us felicito pel coratge de construir una nova botiga d’aquesta envergadura en uns
    moments de canvis de mentalitat dels clients.

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