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The wabi sabi: a very cool trend

Wabi sabi is an oriental trend that has become a point of reference in fashion. It is not minimalism but pure simplicity: just the essential, what makes us see and feel the evanescence of life.

This style stands out for internalizing the nuances of nature and colour in order to elevate the simple to the bare beauty and essential that becomes timeless.

In a time when minimalism had become a kind of decorative bulimia, the wabi-sabi is here to stay.

The melancholy of the landscape is one of the implicit qualities of the style. It consists of the desire to recover the present world, defined by its language or values, to become pure experience of reality.

Wabi and sabi are two terms that together convey the interaction between youth and old age, beauty and ugliness, life and disappearance. It has to do with the physical characteristics of objects and the sober and simple forms that transmit a sense of permanence.

Wabi sabi art aims to raise the spectator’s consciousness to new heights, and so find a serene balance between passion for life and the inevitable void that surrounds us.

The weather and seasonal changes contribute with interest and energy. Orientals tend to use the changing of the seasons to illustrate the stages of life. Hence, the beautiful cherry blossom is a fleeting sort of sublime explosion you need to know to appreciate in the exact right moment. Change and passing of the seasons is a recurring theme of wabi sabi. It is not a sad style. It emphasizes the joy of life and reminds you to live the moment, because it passes quickly. Every season has its beauty.

In a landscape of rocks along a slope of land in the Guadalupe Valley in Mexico, a hotel that includes this idea of ​​essential style has been built. Twenty hotel rooms designed by the San Diego Gracia Studio located within a landscape of vineyards where each eco-loft has panoramic windows overlooking the beautiful valley. Placed on 20 square meter steel piles they seem to float on the rocky ground without interfering with the environment.

The housing blocks are made of Corten steel designed for the passage of time to act on the surface so that it becomes integrated with the wild colours of the surrounding terrain.

Each unit is strategically oriented towards open views to the valley. The cabins are cosy and when entering you feel the isolation and communion with nature. Each hut has a private patio and fire place that becomes a comfortable outdoor room.

The complex of 99 acres is made complete with a nearby winery and swimming pool. Immersed in the rocky landscape, this place sets an example and trend of the visual culture of today by working with simple aesthetics integrated in the space. A place that is built as a commitment to strategies of resistance to the progress of time and history.

This presence of the obsolete and nostalgic with the ecological future has become a genre in itself.



  1. india / 11 April 2012

    La influencia de dos chiquitajus en la casa, repercute en que más que wabi sabi, se reconozca el término wasabi porque lo mencionan en algún dibujo animado gastando una broma a alguien, o bien por ver programas de cocina, que gustan a todos y se descansa de personajes animados… Además de resultar prácticamente imposible seguir tendencias minimalistas o wabi sabi en la decoración de esta casa que nos abriga, siempre hay un exceso de elementos del tipo muñecos, pelotas, juegos, cochecitos, lapiceros de colores… que rompen totalmente con el dogma de menos es más jejejeje Sólo lo imprescindible en decoración infantil… es más parecido al rococó que a simplicidad oriental. Así que, mientras crecen, me conformaré con la calma y el espacio que se respira de leerla y admirar las fotografías elegidas para ilustrar aquello que nos cuenta existe… pese que a que ahora mismo, parezca una ilusión óptica para mí :)
    Saludos, Sra. Garrido!

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