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“Gastronomy is back to basics”

Xavier Güell is a born entrepreneur. “It runs in the family. I learned a lot working seven years in the business of my parents,” says Xavier. But it didn’t take long before he started flying solo and worked on four different projects before he created, a private club for food connoisseurs who appreciate good taste without looking at the price but only the quality of the products and the experiences that they offer.

Today we interviewed this businessman by vocation to know more about his latest professional adventure and his opinion on the world of gastronomy.

When was the project born? What is it?
Sibaritus was born a year and half ago with the goal of discovering amazing new products for foodies. Sharing the passion for food is our leitmotiv.

Tell us about the project ChefBox, where did the idea come from?
After the success of the Mystery Box we thought that the best curators had to be the best chefs in the country. A box selected by these geniuses in the kitchen had to be the epitome of quality and originality.

You have worked with seven of the best chefs in Spain, how was that experience?
It is an honour to work with people so passionate about their craft, great professionals, meticulous, brilliant at what they do, real hard worker… that’s why they are the best in the world.

If you had to describe each of them with one word…?
Ferran Adrià – Genius / Albert Adrià – Excellence
The Roca Brothers – Perfect Balance
Quique Dacosta – Passion
Andoni Luis Aduriz – Tradition
Dani Garcia – Contradiction
David Muñoz – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Paco Torreblanca – Sculptor

How much and how do you think creativity influences when developing a flawless dish?
I’m not a chef and I cannot answer that, but I imagine that a lot.

How do you think the cuisine will evolve from here to the future?
Back to basics. Tradition, authenticity and memories are increasingly imposed. We demonstrate every day that we look for quality.

Why did you choose the boutique Santa Eulalia to implement the project?
From the very beginning with Sibaritus we collaborated with Santa Eulalia and to us Santa Eulalia is a reference when it comes to exclusivity in Barcelona.

Why do you think food pop-ups are so trendy right now? What new thing do they contribute with for the customer?
Gastronomy is the new fashion. It sets trends and which restaurants you have to visit. We have to be up to date and chefs are the new designers.

What are the upcoming projects you have planned?
Focusing internationally.

El empresario Xavier Güell

El empresario Xavier Güell


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