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“I don´t like Lady Gaga”

This blonde with an angelic smile has a long history. First as muse to Victorio & Lucchino and now as Director of Communication at Pedro del Hierro, fashion blogger and member of the board of the Spanish Coolhunting Association.

We want to know everything! about this Spanish IT Girl. If you are like us keep reading, and keep a paper and pen ready!

What does a normal day in your life look like?

I get up at 7am. I take a cold shower. I read my mails. I have a good breakfast and, at 9.45 am, I leave home to go to my office or meetings. Late in the afternoon I go to the gym to disconnect and then return home to write my blog. It really relaxes me!

What does a person have to have to grab the attention of your flashes?
Education, distinction, good taste and a twist.

Digital or SLR camera?
I like the digital Canon S95. I cannot live without it.

What is the must-have in your closet?
The Chanel 2.55 a friend of my mother gave me

You couldn’t live without…
My basic wardrobe gradually created for years.

You would never wear…
Lady Gaga-style outfits.

Flats or stilettos?
Depends on the moment, but I usually wear flats.

Your best beauty trick?
To not smoke, drink or abuse the sun and from time to time visit Carmen Navarro.

The latest little fashion thing you treated yourself to?
A parka with fur collar from PDH Sport.

What garment would you never throw away?
Those inherited from my mother.

You are about to launch your first book, please tell us more about this exciting project?

I have been working on it for a long time. The idea grew out of my job as a fashion consultant on my personal blog ( I thought it would be useful to create a manual with tips on how to dress in 50 everyday life situations. I’m really looking forward to get the finished book in my hands!

Foto: Manu Cuartero


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