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“I think window displays catch the eye of passers-by”

“An artist who tries to make the street more evocative and surprising”. That’s how Xavi Sellés describes himself; the designer, window dresser and illustrator who’s decorated the Santa Eulalia facade and interior for Christmas in a way that no-one can ignore.

What’s been your inspiration for Santa Eulalia’s window displays?

I wanted to base it on something related to Christmas but without resorting to the usual clichés. And I opted for the trumpets of the Annunciation. George Frideric Handel also took his inspiration from this symbolism for his most renowned work, “The Messiah”. In one of the most famous parts of this Baroque piece of music, the trumpets sound when the Angel announces the Good News.

How did you manage to achieve such displays? 

First, you have to express the idea graphically, via drawings, Photoshop and other computer applications. Then I pass on all the information on to the workshop where they produce the elements in expanded polystyrene, resin and ironwork.

What criteria do you use to select your suppliers?

First and foremost, they must be demanding perfectionist.

What do you draw on for your creations?

I’m influenced a lot by the latest art movements and contemporary art.

What defines you as a window dresser?

I try to create striking projects that catch the eye of passers-by. I bring shop windows alive that have an artistic value; they’re not at all boring but offer the spectator a magical moment.

What relationship do you have with fashion?

My relationship with fashion comes from window dressing, from working with fashion stores, observing the brands, reading specialist magazines, books…

Who are your favourite designers?

I think Alexander McQueen’s the most creative I’ve seen in the last few years. In my opinion, he launches incredibly innovative proposals; going from his collections per se to the unsettling staging used for his shows, including the original, well-produced graphics. On the other hand, I also find the work of the French designer, Christian Louboutin, very interesting.

What’s your Achilles heel?

I adore a challenge. That means I very often take risks and have to invest a lot of personal effort in creating something that no-one expects…

And your next challenge?

I’ve just moved to Barcelona, so right now my challenge is to make my way here… and that’s no mean feat!


Photo: Alba Soler


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