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Kiton was founded 30 years ago by Ciro Paone and Antonio Carola and is situated on the outskirts of Naples. The love and passion for men’s fashion together with a desire to produce a high quality traditionally made garment is the philosophy of Kiton.Where does the name Kiton come from? It owes its origin to the Greek word “chitone” which is a ceremonial robe the aristocrats wore in ancient Greece.
The pillars of the company are based on the old rules of Neapolitan tailoring. The company is considered to have “great traditional craftsmanship” rather than being an “industry”, thanks to its 330 tailors that follow each garment through the whole production process.

The adventure of their suits starts with choosing the fabric. This choice is based on the theory of “The best of the best plus 1″, as Mr. Paone always likes to remind his employees. The fibres are all natural and produced by the best weaving mills in Italy, England and Scotland.

After purchasing the fabric the journey to the finished suit starts. The Master tailor chalks and cuts each suit individually. It is a journey that will last approximately 20 hours, where the tailor will be present throughout the whole process. That a lot of hours have been devoted is obvious when looking at the unstructured Neapolitan shoulder (something that strongly identifies Neapolitan tailoring) or when observing the ironing process, with the traditional 7 kilo iron. All that passionate work results in a unique work of art. A man, a suit, his own style.

To preserve the tradition, Ciro Paone created a Tailor´s School, where young people can learn and develop this art in future generations.
Complementing its traditional tailoring and following its philosophy, Kiton has developed wonderful handmade shirts and shoes, seven fold ties like the ones from Marinella as well as high quality sportswear. There is no doubt that the company is a leader not only in Neapolitan tailoring but worldwide.



  1. javier / 20 March 2014

    Para todas las personas que estén realizando entrevista para trabajar en esta empresa situada en pg de gracia 128 tengan cuidado porque los engañarán con los contratos y nunca les pagarán lo que les prometen. Les habla una de las personas que está en juicio con ellos. Pidan referencias a las agencias de Recruitment más conocidas de Barcelona antes de concretar algo..

  2. Juan Ortiz / 21 March 2014

    Por lo que sé detras hay unos empresarios rusos que ya vendían Kiton en Playa de Aro.

  3. Santa Eulalia / 21 March 2014

    Desde Santa Eulalia sólo queremos puntualizar que, según la información de que disponemos, la tienda que abrirá Kiton en Passeig de Gràcia 128 no será operada por ellos directamente sino a través de una franquicia.
    Por nuestra parte, Kiton como marca merece todo el reconocimiento por el diseño y calidad impecables de los productos que confecciona.

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